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Liam opens the door and they all head inside. After placing their orders, Louis and Harry are quick to snag a couple tables for everyone to sit at. He turns in his seat to look behind him, only to see you out with another guy, much to his dismay. Niall just shakes his head sadly. Niall slips out of his seat and approaches your table. You spot him out of the corner of your eye. I miss having you in my life. I thought I wanted to break up, but seeing you with that other guy made my blood boil.

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They call me a daydreaming doodler. I did my best! Sniffling in your bed with tissues scattered over your quilt, the fever got you bad. Your parents were at work and your boyfriend, Calum, as well. He had been working a lot since the band they made up took off the ground. You kept dozing off until another fit kicked in, and Calum, having the worst timing ever, called you at that exact moment to check in on you.

does anyone know who is the support act for 5sos on the uk tour? Posted 2 weeks ago with 4 notes Reblog this post #help #dunno when to arrive bc i dont wanna be standing for like 3 hours #mine #5sos.

Keaton James never understood what had happened to her mother just a year earlier, but since then, the sweet, little 3-year-old looked up to her older sister, Penelope, as a mother figure. Penelope laughed and picked Keaton up from off the ground and sat down on her bed. And this is my big sister, Penny! I do have one question, though, before I have to leave for the day. Could I…possibly…take you to dinner tonight?

I know a great new Chinese restaurant that just opened a couple of blocks from here. My big sister is gonna take me wedding dress shopping today! It is my wedding. This job is pretty important for me. Are you the one who is marrying this lovely lady behind me? Babe, how long have we been engaged? Ashton crossed his arms. All I wanna do is see my girl!

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I’m pretty lame actually. He had caught you and your boyfriend, Ashton doing something you would have never wanted your brother to catch you doing. No hooking up with or dating one of his band mates if you came on tour with them.

If you’ve ever wondered who you’re most likely to date in 5SOS and how the magical moment would happen, wonder no more! Maximum Pop! have put together a highly scientific quiz that gives you the most accurate result. Okay it might not be THAT scientific but it sure is fun.

Liam gives you a quick kiss on the lips then walks out of your shared flat, they were almost done with the album but Liam needed to go to the studio and finish up a few solos. You bit your lip and awkwardly looked to the ground. You stripped down into your bikini and go in there , sitting closely next to Harry and Louis across from both of you.

You opened the door to your flat to find Harry sitting on your couch. He sighed and walked out of the flat, saying nothing. You heard a knock on your flat, you opened the door to find your best friend Liam standing there with a huge smiled on his face. And I dont want to break you guys up, but i just cant control my feelings anymore, okay? Zayn went home to visit his family in Bradford to 2 days while you stayed home at the flat you shared with him.

Harry agreed and was over within the next hour.

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The reason you were unsure was because of what they asked you to do, which you did not expect, especially from Luke. But after a while of talking they finally convinced you into helping them. Ashton groaned as he rolled over, trying to keep the sun that was coming through the blinds from hitting his eyes, and felt his arm drape over something, or someone. A high pitch scream escaped him and he jumped back, resulting in him falling off the bed.

You groaned and buried your face in a pillow.

Mar 13,  · Good news for 5 Seconds of Summer fans drummer Ashton Irwin might still be on the market. We got Ashton leaving Delilah Saturday and asked him about the .

He Loves You Author: I prefer the term romantic. This is how he loves you, bronze curls brushed against your cheek and his arms so tight around your skin, his chapped lips and callused hands and everything about him has always been chipped in some way — he understands now, knows that every scar on his arm was meant to match the curves of your body when you slept next to him at night. This is how he loves you, boy meets girl and happily ever after. With how the curve of your lips looks like the sun rising or how his heart is a jet plane propeller still spinning as he falls through the sky, falls for you?

What would — A sharp smack brings him out of his entranced stupor and he finds his line of vision to you blocked by broad shoulders and blonde hair, blue eyes staring down at him in frustration. The bright irises make a motion to your figure then back to him as if to say go, and pale arms drag him up and push him towards you, footsteps stumbling as he makes his way across the tiled floor; falling, falling, falling faster with every step. This is how he loves you, sweaty palms and shaky legs and he can see it, you and him in his forever when he looks at you; he can see it, the bloody mess he is when he approaches you.

And this is how he loves you.

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If Ashton comes over just tell him to wait in my room! You stick your hand out your bedroom door to show you understood. As you heard the door slam shut, you turn up your music to the loudest volume. Your sister hated your music so whenever she left the house you took the opportunity to blast it throughout the music. You give a small smile and stand back up. You shook your head and put another vinyl on your turntable.

Since they’re not many 5 Seconds Of Summer interracial blogs I decided to make one. I hope you all enjoy it! Home Masterlist Requests, Ideas & Mail. – 5sos Interracial Imagines & Preferences.

That feeling of love that you had as terrible as it sounded lied and said you felt. Derek had been your boyfriend for three years. You two met in 9th year and became friends immeadiately. And then in 10th year Derek asked you out and from there you two were always together. As interesting as Luke. Yes yes I know a bit harsh but with those bright eyes and that lip piercing made you only think of all the things you would love to do to him. You had always loved Luke. Both of you were neighbours since you were kids, and you only really talked in passing.

That is, until you were invited to your friends house for a party while her parents were away. He was always turning down social events such as parties to stay cooped up in his room and study.

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You are going to surprise Harry by visiting him on tour. You are walking around LAX International Airport, trying to find your way to the luggage collection area. You followed the crowd to the luggage area. You stand near the luggage carousel waiting for your bags. Waiting patiently and keeping a low profile.

I continued to face forward and push the cart down the isle in search for the final products on my list as my annoying boyfriend moved around behind me and poked me in different places. Request: 5SOS – Ticklish – 4/4. Request: Hi! #5sos imagine #5sos 4/4 #calum hood imagine #luke hemming imagines #michael clifford imagine #ashton irwin.

Report Story You phone beeped and it was a text from your boyfriend Ashton. I’ll pick you up at eight x’ his text said. You were Luke’s sister and he made it clear to you he didn’t want you dating any of his band members and you had agreed. But you and Ashton became close, and began dating in secret because if Luke found out he would go mad.

You left your phone on your bed and went to shower, and got changed. You waved Luke and the guys off as they headed to the party then right on time Ashton showed up. You got into his car and went to a restaurant and sat at a booth in the back not to be disturbed.

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Your ex physically hurts you Liam: You were home alone at your flat that you lived in with Liam while he was out grocery shopping when you heard a rapid knocking at the door. You opened the door to find your ex standing there angrily.

Calum: Ever since 5SOS has been on tour you haven’t heard from your boyfriend, Calum. Usually you would’ve heard from him everyday but not one single call, not even a text message. He would even tweet everyday or eventually make keeks.

You loved cuddling with Luke more than you loved anything else on the planet. He would always lay behind you on the sofa while you sat in his lap, laying on him with your head against his chest. One of his arms would be around your shoulder while the other was lazily draped over your waist, holding you to him. The two of you would just talk about anything as you sat in each others presence, and after awhile you would become too comfortable in his embrace and found yourself falling asleep.

After a long day full of drama and work, you and Michael would come home and immediately both agree on how you could spend the rest of the evening- cuddling. So after you both took turns cleansing your bodies in the shower and got into your pajamas, you were in bed with his arms snaked around you in moments. You would rest your head on his shoulder while he put his head on the top of yours, watching episodes of Criminal Minds and cherishing each others presence before you happily fell asleep.

It was still weird for you to snuggle into Ashton while he was angry or really stressed, but you did it unquestioningly anyways. And that was exactly what was being done at that moment. He had came home from rehearsals feeling exhausted and frustrated because of a disagreement that him and Michael had, and so as soon as he walked through the door muttering curse words under his breath, you knew what needed to be done. Once Ashton was lying down on your bed you lay down beside him, immediately pressing your body into him while wrapping your legs around his.

You had always been the type of person to get impatient and want to have fun when you were on your monthly friend, so whenever it came Calum was always prepared for what possible schemes that you would get into. This month you were in the mood for laying in bed and watching movies with your boyfriend, but Calum had other things on his mind. He decided that he needed to begin writing new music instead, which only made you even more eager to do what you wanted.

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