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Comments Shares Ubisoft’s fantasy-medieval mashup For Honor debuted yesterday, and going by the “mostly positive” Steam user reviews, so far, so good. But even under the best of circumstances, the inherently non-standard nature of PC gaming means it’s almost inevitable that some gamers will run into technical headaches with their pointy new toys. If you find yourself in that unfortunate position, the “Known Issues” thread on Ubisoft’s For Honor forums might be able to help. For your convenience, I’ll slam the whole thing below. Bear in mind that this is current as of 6: Afterwards the game doesn’t launch at all or just closes after the intro videos. Open your For Honor game page, click “Properties”, and in the “Local files” section select “Verify files”. Easy AntiCheat — Easy AntiCheat sometimes displays an error message with error code Easy AntiCheat sometimes displays an error message with error code

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Ubisoft has released a brand new update for its hack and slash fighting game, For Honor. According to the release notes, this patch comes with multiple performance improvements that increase the framerate both in game menus and during matches. Furthermore, this patch the reduces footprint of data exchanges to improve match experience under limited networking conditions, and data exchanges between players are now more resilient to network fluctuations.

The warriors of For Honor might pick up their mantles and swords once again. Ubisoft just recently a fairly big content patch with a robust Training Mode. The game saw a little bit of success in the fighting game community but it didn’t really stick.

While slightly beguiling at first, its cocktail of mechanics quickly snap into place to create a competitive online game like no other. Having racked up close to thirty hours of play time, the one thing that really annoys about For Honor is its players. If a player is getting whaled on, a gauge slowly rises, eventually allowing them to snap into a frenzied state. This temporary boost to their stats can help turn the tables or at least allow them to survive until backup arrives.

More importantly, it punishes those attackers who mindlessly bang on the door, looking for a cheap kill. Hungry for some takedown XP, the worst offenders will leap in with a combo regardless of whether their target has their guard up. A few deflected blows later, that player you had almost killed triggers their Revenge and suddenly throws both of you on the back foot. Over the course of a match, players rank up a maximum of four times, unlocking powerful feats along the way.

These range from passive buffs to devastating area attacks. As with many parts of the game, it will be interesting to see how Ubisoft Montreal responds to this kind of feedback. With new maps, features, and heroes on the way, in a matter of months For Honor could look very different to the game that launched last week.

Ubisoft Details How To Download For Honor Beta

For Honor is Getting Dedicated Servers and More New Content Written Thursday, July 27, By Richard Walker View author’s profile Ubisoft has announced that it’s going big with For Honor support going forward, with dedicated servers set to be rolled out for the game, alongside two new seasons of content starting in August. A “steady rollout” of content is planned for For Honor, releasing throughout the rest of and into , with new game features and updates on the cards.

While dedicated servers are apparently “further down the road” in For Honor, the two seasons of new content will arrive in August and November, adding new heroes, maps, gear, gameplay updates and more, with Season Pass owners receiving early access to the new DLC. Dedicated Servers — The development team at Ubisoft Montreal is currently working on a dedicated server infrastructure.

In conjunction to the dedicated server implementation, enhancing peer-to-peer stability and matchmaking remain priorities for the team.

View the current status of Xbox Live and related services.

When trying to connect to a For Honor multiplayer game, you want your NAT type to be open or at the very least moderate. Below we’ll tell you how to improve issues with your NAT type being Strict or Unknown which can also help fix Uplay disconnection error codes , , and , or network error NAT issues can also cause problems with matchmaking and making sure your NAT type is open can help when you get For Honor matchmaking failed. What is a NAT Type? In addition to easing traffic routing, it also obscures IP addresses using IP masquerading which allows for an increased level of protection against malicious users when playing online.

The exact way NAT works is too complex to get into here. You can connect to any player regardless of their NAT Type. Otherwise, you may face disconnection errors when playing For Honor or other games. Check Your Firewall Settings Usually, when you install both Uplay and For Honor, a pop-up will appear on the first run of those programs asking you to allow them access through your Windows Firewall.

If there’s a chance you didn’t allow Uplay and For Honor access through your firewall, or if you’re using a third-party firewall, you need to make sure that both Uplay and For Honor are whitelisted. Check Anti-Virus Settings A lot of antivirus software come with some active network connection monitoring. These aren’t exactly firewalls, but they do have the ability to block connections. If you see that your NAT Type is Open in For Honor and you’re still getting disconnect issues, a culprit could be your antivirus internet security.

As above, make sure For Honor and Uplay are both whitelisted in any antivirus or internet security program and see if that alleviates your disconnection issues.

SOLVED: For Honor NAT Type Strict

There have been game breaking balance issues for the alpha players, as well as rumors that the single player campaign will be inaccessible without a constant internet connection, which we covered here. Yesterday, a new issue was brought to light by an NDA breaking Reddit user: Reddit user MexGrow released his NDA breaking video, linked below, just yesterday, to share his outrage that For Honor is using peer-to-peer matchmaking instead of dedicated servers.

Check out how rough it is for him to get into a match in the video. Now, For Honor does not have massive amounts of players to support for each match, although a huge 30v30 mode would be an awesome addition some day, but peer-to-peer matchmaking will always cause issues, even in the 1v1 and 2v2 modes. It is possible that Ubisoft may be planning to switch to dedicated servers as For Honor approaches launch but since the game is set to come out in just a couple months, one would think that now would be the time to be stress testing servers, maybe with an open beta?

Matchmaking servers groan under the weight of For Honor’s launch player base. For Honor had quite a lot of betas, but even they might not have prepared Ubisoft for the sheer number of players.

This eventually led to a complete boycott of the game being planned for early April — though perhaps the new changes proposed by Ubisoft will be enough to keep the players online. A new post on the Ubisoft blog detailed the changes that the company is making to the game starting today. The slow rate in which players gain the Steel currency has been a big part of the online complaints, as it encourages heavy use of microtransactions , and Ubisoft claims to be looking into more changes in the future.

Ubisoft has announced that it will be sharing patch information next week, but that both balance and unfair matchmaking issues will be targeted in the update. The producer claims that the development team is hard at work, stabilizing the game experience both in connectivity and much-needed hero balance. The maps that were removed will also be returning after much testing has identified the issues with desyncing.

Finally, all players will be receiving a three-day Champion Status as an apology for an outage that took place on Tuesday. Any Faction War rewards that were impacted by the down time are also being investigated.

For Honor: How to Earn Renown During a Match & What It Does

As it happens, one player went on to break their non-disclosure agreement signed with Ubisoft to reveal that For Honor will not use dedicated servers for its multiplayer. As seen in the video below from the Redditor known as MexGrow , the user explains how For Honor is eschewing dedicated servers to opt for the use of peer-to-peer matchmaking instead. Throughout the course of the clip, MexGrow notes how lengthy the process is to actually find a match that will begin without having to wait more than five minutes, and also shows how often the game disconnects itself due to the gameplay state being untenable.

With this being the case, MexGrow has started a petition to have Ubisoft implement dedicated servers for its multiplayer in For Honor, or at the very least to have the company acknowledge the issues that are currently occurring with peer-to-peer matchmaking. With it now being known that For Honor will ditch dedicated servers for multiplayer, this could throw gamer support of the title into further tumult.

Apr 13,  · Because matchmaking continuously pairs you up and down, this pick order feels random. If you tie matchmaking to ELO but pick order to HONOR then you have granted a very real incentive for players to give and receive it.

PC Starter Edition available for free till June 18 Other editions, console versions on sale as well Marching Fire update coming October 16 Ubisoft had two big announcements for its medieval era fighting game For Honor during its E3 keynote in Los Angeles: The catch for For Honor’s free availability till June 18 is that you’ll get the PC Starter Edition, which provides full access to maps and modes, but restricts hero options.

The other editions and console versions of For Honor are also on sale , with discounts up to 75 percent. There’s no sale on Steam, but it costs the least anyway: That brings us to the big update. The new faction in Marching Fire is the Wu Lin from ancient China, and its four heroes are warrior monks Shaolin, dao blade masters Tiandi, wise generals Jiang Jun, and deadly assassins Nuxia. The new PvP mode is called Breach, in which you’ll have to either storm or protect a well-fortified castle by using or stopping a battering ram.

The new PvE mode, which will have endless single-player and 2-person co-op, will be revealed at a later date. Marching Fire also brings three new maps, significant graphical improvements, and an updated UI. Ubisoft fixed For Honor’s matchmaking problems after a year of heavy criticism earlier in February, though the game still has excessive microtransactions.

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For Honor is Getting Dedicated Servers and More New Content

Despite, my experience and skills acquired I doubt that a beginner would be frustrated by the game, because the game requires minimal experience. You don’t have to learn how to counter the recoil, because it’s non existent. It doesn’t require that you play for ages to unlock all weapons or perks-that aren’t necessarily universally beneficial-, there’re few to unlock to anyways. What this game emphasizes on is choices that you and your team mates make.

For Honor is an interesting mix of team multiplayer games and fighting games. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, For Honor releases on February 14, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with a beta taking place in January.

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