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Economy[ edit ] Blaeu’s map of showing the area around Haddington. Other old maps exist made from the time of Timothy Pont onwards. It developed into the fourth-largest town in Scotland during the High Middle Ages , and latterly was at the centre of the mid-eighteenth century Scottish Agricultural Revolution. In , an Act was passed by the Parliament of Scotland to encourage the production of fine cloth, and in an amendment went through stating that the masters and workers of manufactories would be exempt from military service. As a result of this, more factories were established; these included the New Mills. This factory suffered during the Civil War with the loss of its cloth to General Monck. A new charter was drawn up in May , and major capital invested in new machinery, but the New Mills had mixed fortunes, inevitably affected by the lack of protectionism for Scottish manufactured cloth. The Scots Courant reported in that New Mills was to be “rouped” auctioned. The property was sold on 16 February and the machinery and plant on 20 March.

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The saddest manifestation of extreme competition were the remains of the unopened stations on the Caley lines south of Paisley still mouldering in the s: See letter from Robert Darlaston p. Class 5 No. They were accessible to the public within Dundee Docks KPJ remembers Dad chatting to the driver of one in that location in Alistair’s memories are a wee bit later and more detailed. Railway development was early in Dundee, sufficiently so for more than one gauge to co-exist for a time and these railways used the city streets for access, hence the title.

Kirsty Maxwell, 27, may have been trying to climb to am apartment below when she fell more than ft from a room occupied by five British men in the resort last year A young newlywed who plunged.

Margaret’s Academy in Livingston. Livingston previously had a psychiatric hospital with general hospital in the Dechmont area of the town called Bangour Village Hospital , The hospital opened in , and started closing in the s. The hospital has its own Accident and Emergency and has [35] beds and opened in The youth action project involves a music session and many gigs and is widely attended by many teenagers from the surrounding area. A leisure swimming pool and a Multiplex cinema are located in the town centre.

The Livingston Skatepark opened in , at a time when most commercial skateparks were closing and was one of the most important facilities in Britain during a critical period in the development of skateboarding. It is an example of a free, unsupervised facility which achieved international status. Livingston also has a number of youth football teams with the most successful being Murieston United who have teams ranging from the ages of under 9’s to under 21’s. They have some notable former players: Livingston FC[ edit ] Livingston F.

They were formed in on the relocation of Edinburgh-based side Meadowbank Thistle. The stadium opened in November , but the Livingston name had already been adopted some months earlier when the club was still playing at its former home Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh.

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Artichokes Food historians confirm artichokes descended from their wild cousins cardoons. While the wild variety was consumed in ancient times, modern artichokes, as we know them today, first surface during the Medieval ages. These “Old World” vegetables were introduced to America by European settlers. Jerusalem artichokes , a “New World” food related to sunflowers, are a completely unrelated vegetable.

Chinese artichokes aka Japanese artichokes are completely unrelated. What are artichokes and how long have we been eating them? This is fortunate, because there is confusion enough created by the numerous varities of the globe artichoke grown around the world.

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History[ edit ] The name is thought to be of Brythonic origin, possibly containing the elements Tre and Nant, meaning town over the stream Travernant. Tranent was once an important mining town, and coal was first worked there in the twelfth century. The history of coal mining in Scotland is mirrored in the history of the coal heughs, mines and pits of Tranent. Tranent is now a commuter town supporting the south east of Scotland and more specifically; Edinburgh.

The Massacre of Tranent took place in , when local people were killed by soldiers after protesting against conscription into the British Army. There are several historic buildings in and around the town, including the old parish church, parts of which date from the fifteenth century, while a few miles south-west of the town stands Fa’side Castle , sometimes known as Falside or Fawside, a fourteenth-century L-shaped tower house.

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A cloud of explosive chemicals is released, and upon impact the fuel-air mixture is detonated, exploding the lungs of animals and human beings in the vicinity, not damaging structures much but filling the lungs of all animals with fuel and burning them in what may be one of the most horrifying ways imaginable to die. Premature baby was decapitated ‘when top NHS doc detached body from head during botched birth’ A premature baby was decapitated inside his mom’s womb when a doctor in Scotland detached his body from his head during a botched birth, a tribunal heard.

The hearing was told the first-time mom was then forced to undergo a C-section to remove the head — which was sewn onto the tot’s body so she could hold him and say goodbye. Inside Job or Mossad Job? Is the Israel-Iran Conflict a Charade? To understand current events, we need a new paradigm.

Dec 29 – Babatunde Oba, 23, trainee manager for hire firm HSS, was stabbed at the Broadway Boulevard Club in Ealing. Kevin Dennis, 23, from Hackney, and his brothers Carl and Dennis were jailed for life in Feb

Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. Its strength springs in part from the diverse strands that make up its background, including European mainstream cultures. Daily life and social customs Although bagpipes have ancient origins elsewhere and are found throughout the world, they are one of the most recognized symbols of Scottish culture. By the 16th century, various clans had established hereditary pipers, and later the instrument was used in wartime to inflame the passions of soldiers in battle.

The modern kilt, with its tartan pattern, became common in the 18th century and served an important role in the formation of a Scottish national identity. Knits from Fair Isle, with their distinctive designs woven from the fine wool of Shetland sheep, are also world famous. One traditional local custom is the ceilidh visit , a social occasion that includes music and storytelling.

Once common throughout the country, the ceilidh is now a largely rural institution. Sports such as tossing the caber a heavy pole and the hammer throw are integral to the Highland games , a spectacle that originated in the 19th century; the games are accompanied by pipe bands and usually solo performances by Highland dancers. Scottish country dancing, however, is a pastime whose popularity has spread far beyond Scotland.

In addition to haggis, Scotland is known for its Angus beef, porridge, stovies a potato-rich stew , shortbreads, scones, cheese Bishop, Kennedy, Caboc, Lanark Blue , toffee, and game dishes e. Indeed, throughout Scotland private distilleries proliferated in the 17th century, which led the Scottish Parliament to impose a tax on whisky production in

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Born at Craigo, Stationed at Dyce, Aberdeenshire, where be organised a congregation, and was ordained, Married, , Margaret A. Translated, , to Great Hamilton Street, Glasgow.

The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms.

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