SPT–Real Men’s Poetry: Army Marching Cadences

From luxurious surroundings to harsh, the select group once assembled enters the chamber in utter silence, just as expected of them. Each with a wrought iron neck collar with its dull chain attached to their matching wrist cuffs in front of them, they stand or kneel barefoot on the redbrick floor. Glancing toward the women, he focuses from one to the other beginning right to left as his group slowly passes by in single file. The first dark complexioned, her short cropped hair evenly trimmed, the sack can barely conceal her breasts, hips as the tattered cloth leaves little to the imagination. Not so large breasts, not so slender hips, her face even under the torchlight appears on the cute, even attractive side. The next appearing to be the youngest, a breast actually fully exposed jaunting firmly outward between her shackled arms; the nipple appears bruised as does the sides of both her thighs.

What is that song?

I don’t know, but it’s been said Air force medals are made of lead. I don’t know, but I’ve been told Navy medals are made of gold…” At the sound of cadence drifting through the window, ten year old Catherine Rollins tossed off the covers and stretched before standing. A smile already in place, she was dressed and in the kitchen of their bungalow in less than ten minutes. I think you should sit and have some coffee, Mommy.

cadence. drill instructor. my aunt molly is a wm, she likes whiskey she likes men. up in the morning ‘fore the rising sun, stand-up, hook-up, shuffle to the door, jump right out and shout “marine corps!” if my chute doesn’t open wide; i’ve got a reserve by my side.

Chafing under the restrictions her elder sister imposed, Anna left the palace to find that path, a path that led to her standing in an airplane, wind roaring through the open door, ready to jump into her future. Cover art by Comickergirl Rated: Pin My Wings [C rollin’ down the strip]. Anna squirmed in her seat as the C Hercules rumbled down the runway. She couldn’t squirm much, not in the narrow web seat with her right shoulder mashed against the guy next to her, her main chute on her back and her reserve across her chest, and her knees pressed painfully into those of the soldier across from her.

And she’d thought spending three hours in the rigging shed was bad. Three minutes on the aircraft and she was anxious to get off. She took several deep breaths, fighting the slight claustrophobia caused by her restricted movement. The pungent odor of sweat and anxiety tickled her nostrils.

C130 Rolling Down The Strip – Military Running Cadence

May 19, – 1: Matt Saintsing for Connecting Vets Categories: GruntStuff When military personnel, research scientists and engineers come together, the result can look more like science fiction than technological development, but that’s exactly what was on display Saturday at Military Invention Day, in Washington, D. Robotics, augmented reality, medical breakthroughs and artificial intelligence were just some of the more than 30 interactive displays of leading technologies based on military research.

BATDOK contains a medical library, manages electronic health records, and can operate with battlefield situational awareness systems. If one is doing well, the medic can provide care to whoever needs it the most.

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I too was bitten by the soaring sickness at an early age. My Dad arranged an airplane ride for he and me in when I was eight years old and it was a thrill indeed. I can still remember the spectacle of looking out the window at our tiny little house so far below. After that, like several others I have read about, my experience lay dormant for 10 years. Immediately after graduation in I found myself at Fort Rucker undergoing military training as an Enlisted Crew Chief on several different aircraft most noticeably the then hottest thing going – the UH-1B the original and famous Huey.

The L Bird-dog is one of the aircraft Tommy referred to in his piece – it was an overpowered in-line two seater and was designed to carry the pilot and an artillery spotter and was used to perform some other liaison type missions. The aircraft fuselage was about two feet wide and the windows opened out and up from well below the seat and hooked on snaps located under the wings – as you might imagine the view was incredible – it was like standing outside.

After I was commissioned in I was not permitted to continue my crew duties but I was allowed to wear my Enlisted Crew Wings on my officer uniform and I did so with pride – a unique arrangement throughout my career I knew of only one other officer who had that privilege. A friend of mine tried his best to teach me to fly the H and the jet powered OH-6 but I could never get the hang of hovering – although I did pretty well when airborne and underway, I always overcompensated near the ground and could not get the aircraft to remain stable – after a while I gave up and went back to small fixed wings and built some hours in the Cessna although I never did complete pilot training.

82nd Airborne All American Chorus – Cadence & My Girl

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Mar 21,  · Best Answer: It’s called “Sound Off (the Duckworth chant)”. It is a military cadence call used when recruits are running or marching. The one you’re referring to was reportedly started by Private Willie Duckworth; according to this story, in May of , while returning to base with his exhausted unit, he began singing or chanting the first : Resolved.

There are few better ways to build motivation and esprit de corps. Ironically, the same Army that teaches soldiers how to do even the most basic things like shining boots and arranging hangers in a wall locker leaves them to their own devices when learning cadence calls. You either have the knack or you don’t. Jodies have been bursting in soldiers’ hearts for more than 50 years. As the story goes, a formation of exhausted troops was returning to its barracks at Fort Slocum, N.

Willie Duck-worth, a black soldier on detached service with Fort Slocum’s Provisional Training Center, sang out the first-ever rendition of “Sound-off,” “Sound-off; ; Sound-off; ; Count cadence; ; — At a time when black soldiers’ achievements were just being acknowledged by many in the Army, the “Duckworth Chant,” as Duckworth’s cadence came to be called, got notice.

Bernard Lentz, Fort Slocum’s commander, recognized it as a way to keep his soldiers in step while boosting unit pride and camaraderie. Duckworth’s Chant built on a musical tradition that began just after the Revolutionary War. Back then, American marching troops took special pleasure in singing “Yankee Doodle” — the song the British had used to taunt them — back to the defeated Redcoats.

Through the years, other military marching songs arose.


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Jun 12,  · Today at spotted 5 Apache Helicopters (didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t tell if they were the Longbow Variant and they passed almost directly overhead) heading South East over Ashburnham. 3 up front in a chevron, two trailing at copter lengths each.

On Pike field, the parade is about to begin. Today is Division Review rehearsal, where men and women from the 82nd ABN Division amass at attention on the parade grounds to rehearse for the big Division Review on 23 May, However, this is the only day where the PAO can roam freely in and out of formations to get the best of the best photographs. The pavilions are already set up, chairs in perfectly straight rows. The sun sinks behind a cloud bank before the troopers begin to fill the field.

A misty morning, promising humid hotness for later The Humvees and artillery begin to line up in cautiously slow columns, driving the length of the field in perfect unison. So in line, they could be one vehicle there are four in the row Gunners in turrets salute as they pass the main pavilion Staggered for the camera Now the soldiers begin to amass around the outskirts of the field, getting ready to enter in formation. The call of the band summons them forward. This is just half the field.

The soldiers are called to attention… Now they are signaled to fix bayonets.

Army Marching Cadence

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Stand up buckle up shuffle to the door. Jump right out and shout Marine Core! Jump up, hook up, shuffle to the door, jump on out and count to four (or, jump on out and shout “MARINE CORPS”) Marine Corps Hip-Hop Cadence Vol. 1 Motova8 Data di pubblicazione: 19 .

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82nd C-130

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Blog #21 Your end of year Cadence Performance Final Good Morning Cadets. Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door, Jump right out and count to four. If my main don’t open wide, I got a reserve by my side. If that one should fail me too, Look out ground, I’m a coming through.

There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of Tomorrow the big day, Christopher was being redeployed yet again and Julie couldn’t sleep yet again. Wishing she could keep him home with her, she didn’t want him to go, not again, not this time, and especially not now. Always close to her son and missing him terribly when he wasn’t there, in the month he was home, she had grown accustomed to having him around. Because of his life threatening injuries and his slow hospital recovery from his last redeployment that he somehow miraculously survived, she hoped that he’d be discharged from the Navy or, at the very least, permanently transferred to the local base.

If only he’d apply for it, he could be given a job as a Navy Seal instructor and trainer. Only, just as they’ve always have done, not even giving him time enough to fully recover, to enjoy his stay at home, and to digest his redeployment assignment, his classified orders came through at the last minute.

Fearing something dreadful would happen to him, sick with fear and filled with anxiety, she worried herself to death. Tossing and turning every night before awakening from her sleep with cold sweats, she had the same reoccurring nightmare that she’s had several times this month. She dreamt of him being killed in a firefight. She dreamt of him being blown to pieces by an IED.

Victory Cadence (With Lyrics)